WTF Friday, 2/6/2015


WTF Friday, 4/13/2012

“Others recount being warned by white neighbors not to slaughter animals for festive occasions, or being mistaken for a prostitute simply for having drinks in a bar full of white patrons.” Wow. #capetowndoessoundawesome.

Give freedom to children around the world through the stats of your favorite baseball players. For example, you can pledge $1 every time Matt Holliday hits a home run, or you can give $5 for every game your favorite team wins.” Pressure’s on guys. I know it’s early in the season but you better start playing well or these humans are gonna get trafficked all summer long.

“Not only President Chavez but certainly his supporters and certainly the people handling his political campaign are taking full advantage of [his illness]. And I think it would be crazy for them not to do so.” Yea, that’s what would be crazy.

WTF Friday, 7/8/11

This sounds inspiring as shit. “Described by the official announcer as ‘birds of peace and progress’, Russian-made military jets made a flypast, leaving in their wake trails of smoke in the red, yellow and blue of the Venezuelan flag.”

South Sudan officially becomes a new nation tomorrow. Various folks have weighed in on what they’ll need to be successful. How did you guys forget cigarettes!?

A mayoral candidate in Guatemala has been charged with the murder of two rivals and faking his own murder to allay suspicion. Someone did not pay attention in physics: “The candidate claimed he was saved by a bulletproof vest he was wearing. But an investigation of the vehicle showed that at least three bullets had entered the driver’s seat, meaning that if Marroquin was there, they would have gone through him and his vest”

WTF Friday, 7/1/11

Happy 90th to China’s Communist Party. Even the kids are getting in on the fun!

“‘No, the president does not have cancer,’ said Alfredo Márquez, 53, a member of the Bolivarian militia, an armed force established by Mr. Chávez. ‘He has something simpler.'” What does that mean? Is cancer like a bourgeois disease?

My mellow would be totally harshed if I had a “loyalty pledge” come to my dorm room. Would probably need to see my RA.