WTF Friday, 6/1/2012

This week’s winner, hands down:

That up there on the right in this BBC story on UN action in Syria is the United Nations Space Command logo from the video game Halo.

The BBC apologized, but offered no explanation of the error. Also no word on whether the United Nations Security Council will be adopting the obviously much cooler Halo logo. (Currently they share the globe and wreath emblem with the rest of the UN system.)

WTF Friday, 12/17/2010

Thanks to Nathan for starting us off this week: “I thought you might continue the thread of Haiti-related WTF Friday posts with this gem. Directly after Paul Farmer writes a piece in Foreign Policy criticizing the reconstruction effort because the Haitian government has only been given 0.3% of the aid money (the rest going to the Interim Commission, etc.), Sec. Clinton gives a speech about her “growing frustration” with the Government of Haiti’s failure to coordinate the reconstruction efforts, which Canadian Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon follows up by saying the international community ‘cannot do everything.’ I guess the government was supposed to make that 0.3% go a long way…”

IPS reports “U.N. Deplores Escalating Violence in Côte d’Ivoire.” This is a sharp turn from their regular stance of “condemning” violence. Either way, the U.N. appears to have consistently been “not down” with violence. Well, sort of

Lastly, sorry for some of the unfortunate links on the bottom of this page (you’ll see), but these pics are just classic Jong-Il.

U.N. Home Security Systems

Friend of Wronging Rights Adam Sacks has a hilarious new video up on the UCB/Babelgum collaboration site:

Adam was worried I wouldn’t like the video when it was done, because it was “kind of mean about the U.N.” I think Adam has not been paying attention.

(Full disclosure: I consulted on one of the jokes that appears in tiny text at the top of the screen. Fuller disclosure: I don’t think I made it any funnier. Fullest disclosure: that is not going to stop me from bragging on the internet about my brush with greatness.)

WTF Friday, 11/5/10

The military junta in Burma has decided to cancel elections in several regions populated by ethnic minorities, shunning the ever-popular dictatorial move of rigging elections. Nice. Way to cut out the middle man.

BBC has apologized to Bob Geldof for running a series of reports insinuating that Live Aid money has been used to purchase weapons. This was in March. It is now November. Timely. Especially considering that, according to the BBC, there is “no evidence for these statements.” I think they at least owe him a fruit basket.
Zimbabwe has reached the 5-peat for the lowest ranking on the UNDP Human Development Index despite the life expectancy for the country increasing from 37 to 47 since a few years ago. Kinda calls into question the whole point of this list…

Real World: United Nations

Adam pitches a sister show to Dictator House.
Excerpts from The Real World: United Nations:

Iraq’s room

Iraq: America, get out already!

America: I was just helping you hang some curtains.

Iraq: They’re up. They’re a little crooked, but they’re up. And hopefully better than those old Venetian blinds you tore down. But whatever, you need to get out. Also, can I borrow 100 bucks?

America: I thought you were getting a job at the gas station.

Iraq: That’s not working out as well as we hoped. Give me some money.

House meeting

Turkey: I just want to say again, I didn’t drink the Armenian coffee, and that it was a long time ago, but that most importantly I deny drinking it.

America: Hey Turkey, relax, no need to bring it up. No one is saying you killed the pot of Armenian coffee.

France: Actually, I think he did.

Russia: Me too.

Italy: He totally finished it off.

America: Look, the important thing is we move past whatever Turkey did or did not do so we can play his Xbox 360.

Germany: This is bull! I’m not always included in house meetings because of that time I ate all the bagels, but you’re willing to let Turkey off the hook?

Read the whole thing here.