WTF Friday, 10/28/11

This is just all sorts of fucked up. Depressing that al-Shabab dressing up its own dead soldiers in AU uniforms, decapatating some of them, and displaying their bodies is the best case scenario here. Wow.
From Eric Margolis: “If Gaddafi was indeed behind the aircraft bombings, as most of the world believes, then he deserves not one bit of sympathy from us. If not, then we should at least acknowledge him for building modern Libya.” Right. So if he didn’t do these two bad things, we should forget all the other bad things, and, logically, give him credit for “building modern Libya.” Guess that’s the only available option. I wish I had met the guy like you so I could have figured all that out sooner. There are some other gems in here like “I still can’t figure out whether Gaddafi was really hearing voices that guided him, or just having adolescent fun scandalizing and frightening the world.” Again, I don’t really think those have to be the only options I get to pick from. You guys at home can parse through this drivel for some of the other astounding inconsistencies, but really, the point I would like to make is that you can oppose the foreign military intervention in Libya, criticize the NTC, and even recognize the good things Gaddafi did without resorting to a complete character revision of a fairly shitty dictator. Criminalizing homosexuality, executing political opponents, and suppressing freedom of speech are not actions of a man who was simply “eccentric,” “odd,” or least of all naive. They are actions of someone who was probably psychotic and definitely strategic in his efforts to remain in power and enrich himself and his family. I’m not gonna accuse you of forgetting that, Eric, just of pretending to. Also, for someone who knew him so well, you spelled his name wrong.

WTF Friday, 10/21/11

You guys blew it. Day of Gaddafi’s death was the perfect chance to push this through without anyone noticing.

“And Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said he was ‘glad’ that Gaddafi had been captured.” Truly moving stuff.

The third comment down from “Atrawick” attempts to eviscerate an argument I’ve made and heard many times. Figure I could get some input from our readers?

WTF Friday, 10/14/11

“The third place winner is the retired General Prince Yormie Johnson with 13.5 per cent.” Biggest campaign mistake: not marrying someone named “Sirleaf.”

“Suddenly, Paloma finds herself involved in human trafficking and art theft in a thrilling new novel.” Boy, that does sound thrilling.

Props for highlighting the plight of Nigeriens and other black Africans in Libya at the moment in relation to detention, deportation, abuse, and execution. Further props for mentioning the remittance income lost to families of migrant workers. That said, let’s not pretend life under Gaddafi was/is rosy for migrants.

WTF Friday, 4/1/11

Look at you, WaPo. Using middle school lingo to describe the diplomatic relationship between two authoritarian dictators. A headline after my own heart.

Kim Jong-il asserts his influence on Maine politics. I heard he can actually enter dreams Inception style.
Hm. A single-party state praising democratic change. Fake democratic change at that. Interesting angle…

WTF Friday, 3/18/11

From Al Jazeera’s Marwan Bishara: “The most effective and constructive way to use the newly mandated use of force by the UN Security Council is to use as little of it, as accurately, as selectively as possible, and ideally not use it at all.” Cut to: “The United Nations-approved mission will begin violently and with the United States military playing a central role.”
Fun Fact: There is a no-fly zone over Walt Disney World. Very strategic.

Pun of the Week: Former campaign head claims Muammar and Nicholas were not getting ‘kozy (via FP Passport).

WTF Friday, 3/4/11

Zimbabwean man arrested for making harmless comment on Facebook. I’m thinking Facebook arrests should be based on quantity, not content, of posts. These randos from middle school blowin up my news feed know who they are…

Camping trip ’04? You guys have to to upload this album to FB already. It’s been like 7 years, bros…

Charlie Sheen and Sean Penn on their way to Haiti. Mr. Sheen, per usual, with a bizarre choice of words: “And I’m excited as hell because, you know, if I can bring the attention of the world down there, then clearly this tsunami keeps cresting.” Riiight…

WTF Friday (Should I Just Change it to Saturday?), 2/26/2011

This one had to sting a little bit. Just when you think you know who your friends are…

Has Gaddafi ever heard of the 60s? Of course the protesters are on hallucinogenic drugs!

FP this week had a lifestyle slide show for Equatorial Guinea’s first son, Teodorin Obiang. He dated Eve?!? Damn, I guess “Love is Blind” to nepotism, human rights abuses, and questionable spending. Well, she’s not the only one