WTF Friday, 12/15/2017

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Need a holiday gift for the literally infinite number of sketchy af men in your life? The authors of “Where Does Your Penis Belong?” have got you covered.

Also happening:

Tanzania’s government pardoned two child rapists, while calling for pregnant schoolgirls (who are already banned from attending school) to be arrested. Children’s rights: you’re doing it wrong.

An 85 year old scholar is on trial in Thailand for (seriously) questioning the accuracy of historical accounts of a 16th century elephant battle. Under Thailand’s lese majeste law, he faces up to 15 years in prison for this offense.

And a VICE investigation has revealed that the UK  is training Sri Lanka’s notorious Special Task Force, a militarized police unit implicated in torture and extrajudicial killings. A manager of Police Scotland’s international training unit had this to say in defense of the program: “We didn’t teach them in that [torture], we taught, erm…”

Kate Cronin-Furman

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