WTF Friday, 11/3/2017


WTF Friday is back by popular demand. (By which I mean the 12 of you who won’t shut up about it.) But honestly guys, I don’t know. Basically every day for the last year has been WTF-Whatever-Day-It-Is. Who can keep up?

Some of this week’s highlights:

Saudi Arabia granted citizenship to a robot, demoting women to, what, like seventh class citizens? (h/t Matt Simonson)

In what may be the world’s most puzzling crime, a Bosnian Serb has been arrested after attempting to sell a copy of the Dayton Accords. Black markets for everything, I guess. (h/t Ben Denison)

And closer to home, a man in Chicago shot himself in the penis while robbing a hot dog stand, which is definitely not any kind of a metaphor for the current American political moment.

Happy now, jerks?

Kate Cronin-Furman


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