WTF Friday, 11/17/2017

Another week, another mountain of evidence that human men are a terrible idea. I just can’t even.

In other news:

After 3,472 years in power, it looks like Robert Mugabe is on his way out. Western audiences seem to be welcoming the coup, having apparently forgotten everything about every coup ever.

Saudi Arabia legit stole Lebanon’s prime minister, apparently in a gambit to provoke a war with Iran? Seems like that’s going to end well for everyone.

The Burmese army has been cleared of charges it’s committing atrocities against the Rohingya by… the Burmese army. I know I’m convinced.

Oh hey, and did you know that victims have to go through “counseling, mediation and a 30-day ‘cooling off period'” before they can officially file a sexual harassment claim against a member of Congress? Seriously #BanMen.


Kate Cronin-Furman

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