WTF Friday, 6/3/2016

This week brought us:

  1. Further evidence that Australian politicians are the absolute worst people on earth. New South Wales state MP and epic asshole Robert Borsak told his colleagues in state parliament that he killed and ate an elephant in Zimbabwe.
  2. A futile effort to derail the Trump train. Turns out the “impressive” third party candidate that Bill Kristol teased on Twitter over the weekend is a dude with no name recognition and no political experience.
  3. The news that Luis Moreno-Ocampo, former Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, is partnering with cigarette giant Phillip Morris to combat tobacco smuggling. Because, sure, that makes sense.

Kate Cronin-Furman

One Comment

  1. His politics aside, I think Borsak was put in a bit of a Catch-22 with that question, if he’d said no he would have been condemned for trophy hunting, he said yes and I’m honestly not sure what the big deal is that he ate an elephant.
    As long as you eat meat, eating something you painlessly killed yourself is about as ethical an approach to it as you can get.(I’d assume since he’s hunting elephant he has the skill to make a quick kill) And elephants aren’t in endangered in the area he shot it and the local tribe got most of the carcass and the funds go to conservation.
    Honestly I’d be more annoyed if he’d said he simply shot it.

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