WTF Friday, 10/16/15

Did you guys know the UN is coming to force everyone to stop calling ladies sluts on the internet and to impose the inclusion of fully-realized, 3-dimensional female characters in all our media? True story. (Except, no, it’s not true.)

Also, this dude wants you to crowdfund the creation of “a new nation that would accept any and all refugees”. Don’t. It’s a terrible idea. If you want to help the refugees, give money to an existing organization that already has the infrastructure in place to deliver services.

H/T to David Sullivan who wrote the linked Atlantic UN Dispatch article about #Gamergate for the first one, and the whole entire internet for the second.

Kate Cronin-Furman

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  1. I don’t think that money, services or lack thereof is the real issue. The refugee crisis is revealing a bigger problem in europe: a total lack of unity which we thought was solid. As attached youtube cartoon makes very clear ;

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