WTF Friday, 10/4/13

Today’s WTF comes in the form of a game: how many WTFs can you spot in this article?

First up, obviously, is this headline, which is amazing:
Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 4.38.06 PM
“Gang-rape Survivor Battles Heavy Odds to Help Court Nail Accused.”

The mental image. It is too much.

But then, when one reads the article, one discovers that the WTFs just keep coming.

For instance: the “heavy odds” were that the victim had to learn another language. What? What. What the…

Oh, and by the way, after the trial, she disappeared. So, for those keeping track at home, it’s possible that those “heavy odds” also include kidnapping or death? Or maybe just not being good about returning voicemails, including those that tell her she has won her years-long battle for justice and also a large sum of money? Hard to say, but no reason to be more concerned about some of those possibilities than others, apparently.

My brain has shut down from the sheer quantity and variety WTF-ery involved here, but there’s a magical box of lucky charms available for readers who are able to identify more of it in the comments.

Amanda Taub


  1. My WTF-ometer swung sharply to the right when I saw that people housed in a shelter for victims of sexual violence were referred to as “inmates.”

  2. WTF. Does the title contain an intended pun? In Britain the term ‘nail’ has sexual connotations. I don’t know if such usage is also common in India.
    But urban dictionary has it as ‘fuck’ or ‘to score sexually’. They provide the helpful example of ‘She was nailed more times in one night than Jesus was to the cross’.

    Either the journalist is not familiar with this British meaning or they thought it was a witty way of describing how the survivor had gained some sense of physical power over her attackers. But, in an article about trauma, it would be slightly odd to portray any such violence in a positive light…

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