WTF Friday, 10/18/2013

Iran: a criminal justice system so harsh, you could find yourself serving consecutive death sentences.

A man given the death penalty for possession of a kilogram of crystal meth somehow survived his hanging last week, only to be told that the authorities plan to take another whack at it once he recovers. 37 year old Alireza M. was hanged for 12 minutes, declared dead, then sent to the morgue and wrapped in plastic before he revived.

Human rights activists, his family, and anyone with a soul are calling for a pardon, on the grounds that he has suffered enough. But sentencing judge Mohammed Erfan has declared that“The sentence is approved and the sentence is death, so we will follow through with the execution order again”. 

Anyone else visualizing this judge as a creepy cousin to the Munchkin coroner? Keep hanging those meth dealers until they’re “really most sincerely dead”, dude.

Kate Cronin-Furman


  1. Wow, i didn’t realize the government in Iran believed in reincarnation. How else could someone be sentenced to death multiple times?

  2. There’s an additional aspect of this that isn’t brought out in the accounts that I have seen. As hanging is/was done in most other countries, the drop results in a broken neck, which all but ensures a rapid death. In all likelihood the reason that Alireza M. survived his hanging is that Iran does not use the drop method. In Iran hanging is generally done by attaching the noose to a crane and raising it. Death results from strangulation and blockage of the supply of blood to the brain via the carotid arteries – the neck is not broken. Unconsciousness typically occurs fairly quickly (depending on the position of the noose and other factors affecting the compression of the carotids) but death can take much longer.

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