For the Stylish LRA Supporter in Your Life

This is the “Call to Action Stanley Tote” From Kate Spade:

I Heart KONY Tote

It has a matching iPhone case:
I Heart Kony iPhone

Obviously, the Lord’s Resistance Army has decided to take a page out of Al Shabaab’s book and begin recruiting in the United States, and has managed to enlist the help of Kate Spade.

Given American young people’s proven susceptibility to accessory-based campaigns, it’s only a matter of time before legions of young women accept this “call to action,” snap on some enameled bangles, have their colorists update their highlights to something “low maintenance, for, like, the jungle,” and head off to the bush.

And ye shall know them by their sparkling tote bags.

H/T @Laurenist.

Amanda Taub

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