Thousands of Screaming Fans Go Wild for a Power Ballad About the Former Deputy Director of Human Rights Watch

If any kids out there are wavering about whether to pursue a human rights career and have written “no one will ever write a rock ballad about me and play it live to thousands of screaming fans” on their lists of “potential downsides,” they can go ahead and cross it off.

I give you “Jan Egeland,” an anthem singing the praises of everyone’s favorite Norwegian humanitarian:

Sample lyrics:

When there’s war and all is hell,
send in Jan Egeland!
The United Nations Superhero Man.
Mad dictator with a gun,
Send in Jan Egeland!
Oh how I wish….
I was Jan Egeland….

It’s sung by Ylvis, the Norwegian comedic duo responsible for this summer’s viral hit “The Fox”.

Well played, Ylvis, well played. (For your next human rights personnel anthem, might I suggest rhyming “Aryeh Neier” with “burning fire”?)

*Yes, I know that this song came out in 2012.  For any internet timing police who might be tempted to remind me in the comments that this is old news, let’s just agree that the Ohio State University’s marching band playing “The Fox” during a halftime show last weekend constitutes a current news hook, mmkay?

Amanda Taub