WTF Friday 7/12/13 (Okay, 7/13/13)

A late-breaking WTF Friday comes to us courtesy of the Texas State Legislature, which refused to let women bring tampons or maxi pads into the capitol building’s gallery during last night’s debate about the abortion bill that was the subject of protests and a 13-hour filibuster from State Senator Wendy Davis when the legislature tried to pass it last week.

Security officers were concerned that the feminine hygiene items could be used as “projectiles.” (Guns were still okay, though?)

Obviously this policy was 100% correct, because you know who doesn’t need tampons? Pregnant women. If these uppity slatterns had just done as Rick Perry intended and embraced their god-given role as baby factories, then we wouldn’t even need to have this conversation.

So ladies, before you get your your now-blood-soaked panties in a twist: when will you learn that your ACTIONS have CONSEQUENCES?

Amanda Taub

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  1. The idea that feminine hygiene products would make effective projectiles suggests a lack of familiarity with such products on the part of those promulgating the restriction. To my knowledge such products are usually if not always soft and incapable of causing injury.

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