WTF Friday, 3/15/2013

According to the Sudan Tribune, Sudan (original flavor) is having some problems.

Not only are Southern Sudanese people allegedly coming north in droves to drink alcohol and commit adultery, but the law enforcement system has hit a snag. Doctors at Khartoum Hospital have refused to carry out court-ordered amputations, citing their Hippocratic Oath obligation not to chop off anyone’s limbs without a very good reason.

In a statement earlier this week, deputy chief justice Abdul Rahman Sharfi announced that doctors will be prosecuted if they fail to perform Sharia law mandated punishments. And, just in case, Sudanese judges may receive “special training” in amputation technique, allowing them to fill in for the doctors if necessary. So at least they’ve got a plan.

H/T: Stephanie Schwartz, who reads the Sudan Tribune so I don’t have to.


Kate Cronin-Furman

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