WTF Friday, Hashtag Edition

Stay classy, conservatives: the hashtag #LiberalTipsToAvoidRape spent much of this week trending on Twitter.

Some choice excerpts:

And a special WTF for Fox News’s Dana Perino, who apparently couldn’t come up with a better #ff than the creator of the hashtag, @SooperMexican:

(Mother Jones has a good description of the hashtag’s origins here.)

Amanda Taub

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  1. “Memo to all the dudes who, in the comments to this post [], confidently claimed that misogyny is a thing of the past…”

    Not remembering the conversation to have taken that path, I went back and reviewed the comments, then searched for “misogyny”. There were 5 occurrences, none of them associated with any support for that concept. As usual, you’ve allowed a good generalisation to get in the way of the truth. Still, we dudes have come to expect that from a chick like you.

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