Somalia Making Play for Lucrative Men’s Rights Activist Tourism Market?

Remember that time Somalia decided to arrest and imprison a woman who accused members of the police force of raping her? Sure you do. And remember when they also arrested the freelance journalist to whom she’d told her story, along with her husband, and the two people who had supposedly introduced her to the journalist?

Well, today she was convicted of the crime of “insulting a government body,” and sentenced to a one-year prison term. Abdiaziz Abdinur Ibrahim, the journalist (who, mind you, never actually published any details of their conversation), was given the same sentence. Her husband and the two intermediaries were acquitted.

You might be thinking that Somalia, faced with the daunting requirements of establishing itself as a functional state, has decided to start small by learning to protect itself from rape victims and unpublished freelance journalism before moving on to, say, evicting violent terrorist groups from its territory.

But we figure Somalia is actually pursuing a more sophisticated strategy, and attempting to position itself not only as a for-reals-we-mean-it-this-time-actual-state, but also as the first official destination for men’s rights tourism. We can see the ad copy now:

Stable, prosperous tourism economy, here we come.

(Fake Somalia tourism ad adapted from image by Flickr user nadim2.)

Amanda and Kate


  1. “Because bitches lie” might be a little less offensive to African Americans than “Because bitches be lyin’.”

    • Sure, because black Americans should definitely be offended by us calling out the gross way in which (largely white) men’s rights activists talk about women. (???)

      • I think that the comment was related to the inference that the tourists would mainly be black American men. That style of speech is immediately associated with them, though apparently it serves no purpose in the ad.

      • The funny thing is people like yourself talk about “men ought to respect women” or about how “men tlak about women”, never about “women ought to respect men” or how “women talk about men”.

        The MRM, for all it’s warts and less refined sides, has never plotted the genocide of women as feminism has of men. Has never advocated for women to be discriminated against or denied equal treatment within the law(not all anti-feminists are MRA or in the MRM). Nor has the MRM advocated for the mass enslavement, castration of women as feminists have of men.

        You are engaging in chavunistic bigotry and it is totally unacceptable. Men owe nothing to women collectively that we do not owe to other men. All that is owed is basic humanity, something which you yourself are incapable of doing.

        Your century is calling, because the 21st century will no longer stand bigots like you.

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