WTF Friday, 1/25/2013

This week’s high(low)lights:

  • Members of the Thai navy and police have been caught selling Rohingya refugees to human traffickers. I have no words. (H/T: Jeffrey Stein.)
  • A unit of German soldiers are reportedly growing breasts. They truly are the master race. (H/T: Erica Borghard, on a roll this week!)
  • A Republican lawmaker in New Mexico “accidentally” proposed legislation that would make rape victims seeking abortion vulnerable to felony evidence tampering charges. A likely story.

Kate Cronin-Furman

One Comment

  1. You know the law about aborting a rape victim’s child applies ONLY to the rapist, right? Distortion isn’t humorous. Lots of rapists resort to further violence to hide what they’ve already done, and I was shocked to learn that there wasn’t yet a law against it. That means that if I’m raped someday and the guy hires an abortionist to assassinate my bambino, I will have to get justice for her/him/ outside the law and probably be the one getting arrested in the end. 🙁

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