WTF Friday, 1/11/2013

The Mexico City AG’s office has released mug shots of 12 dogs rounded up by authorities following the biting deaths of four people in a local park.

A total of 36 dogs have now been caught, and are being tested for human blood and DNA. Any dogs that test clean will be available for adoption. The rest face the death penalty.

The fate of the dogs has sparked a vigorous debate among Mexico City residents and animal rights activists, many of whom feel that the dogs have been framed. Inevitably, a Twitter campaign on behalf of the “perros detenidos” has sprung up, calling on the government to rectify this abuse of due process and release the dogs at once. No word yet on whether defense counsel has been appointed.


(H/T to the incomparable Myles Estey.)

Kate Cronin-Furman

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