April Fools?

My internets today are full of the news that Oxfam has launched a “Big Bra Hunt” encouraging British ladies to donate their unwanted underthings to the tragically brassiere-less women of Africa.

I realize today is April 2nd not 1st, but I have to assume this is a clever prank, because surely Oxfam is not positioning itself to compete with Knickers 4 Africa and Bras Without Borders for the “ickiest SWEDOW ever” (that’s “stuff we don’t want”) prize. Right?

Hattip: TMS Ruge’s twitter feed, among others.

Kate Cronin-Furman


  1. pretty sure there’s no GIK handouts of bras to beneficiaries going on. still the issue of 2nd hand importing but that at least is more permeable to sensible analysis. could be worse. swedow lite?

  2. Interesting that the blog you’ve linked to (which included some analysis on why women wearing western bras were less likely to be raped!?!) has now been taken down…. Even if the campaign isn’t an April fool it seems someone had second thoughts there.

  3. Good article here: http://www.google.com/hostednews/ukpress/article/ALeqM5i_jUazBTLYQMk8JsOsXI2HdAXeXg?docId=N0046651333236752438A

    “Many of the bras will be sold in Oxfam’s UK high street shops to raise money for the charity’s work worldwide while others will be sent to the charity’s Frip Ethique (ethical second-hand clothing) project in Senegal…Oxfam said the complex manufacturing required to make bras meant very few developing countries produced their own, making them one of the most desirable items in West African second-hand clothing markets.”

    Also, in disaster responses, undergarments are one of the most needed items.

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