This Week in Advocacy Videos We’re Kind of Wigged out by

A tipster just sent us this link to the Enough Project’s latest SPLA propaganda video George-Clooney-in-Sudan video (embedded below). For those unable to watch, highlights include:

  • Graphic images of two maimed children, including a young boy whose hands had been blown off “less than an hour ago”
  • The line “for the first time since the Stone Age, people are living in caves”
  • The reduction of the conflict to “blacks who have been on this land since creation” vs. “invading Arabs who want to take their land.”
  • Hagiographic descriptions of the SPLA – er, sorry, we mean “brave Nuba rebels fighting for freedom.”

We don’t have the energy to go through this yet again, so if you’re wondering why we’re horrified by this, please refer to this excellent Dart Center tip sheet on working with victims and survivors.

Amanda and Kate


  1. ahhh yes, I have a close friend that works in sudan – apparently Clooney was a guest at the celebrations in Juba when the south officially became a seperate state in July. But of course all people that work there and helped bring this about were secondary to the knowledge and understanding of Mr Clooney!

    Yes, I can imagine you don’t have the energy to go through this video. The reaction to your posts – the majority of which are both clueless and vitriolic in equal measure – has been depressing to read. Too bad Easterly and Aid watch aren’t still up….surely the comments there would have been more supportive.

    I am going to have to stop the notification saying there are new posts in my email – I should be working, and instead I keep procrastinating!

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  3. Thanks for this – an astonishing introduction for me to what Clooney is actually doing in Sudan, other than giving interviews to U.S. media. Very interesting that they chose to take a side in the violent conflict when their purpose is to protect civilians (and I do believe protecting civilians is genuinely their intention – but as we’ve been hearing from Africa a lot lately, good intentions aren’t enough).

    Also, thanks for the link to my site’s map and story on Mali/Azawad. Glad people are finding it interesting.

    Political Geography Now

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