What to Get for the Couple Who Has Everything: A Registry for the Deby/Hilal wedding

According to the Sudan Tribune, Idriss Deby (of Being-President-of-Chad fame) is engaged to marry the daughter of Darfur strongman Musa Hilal (of Being-A-Big-Janjaweed fame). Word is Deby paid a brideprice amounting to a whopping $26 million US.

Given the history of the region, including Chad’s involvement in the Darfur conflict, this development obviously raises some important questions.  Chief among them: What to buy the happy couple as  a wedding gift?

Fear not, readers, we’re on it.  Our annotated Deby/Hilal wedding registry is here:

  1. A Battle Tank

    Brought to our attention by CBlatts’s attempt to find “the most expensive thing on Amazon,” the JL421 Badonkadonk (no, really) apparently has a bitchin’ sound system.

  2. A Relaxman Relaxation Capsule

    To relax in after a rough day rocking out in the battle tank, obviously.

  3. Some uranium ore

    Mahmoud Ahmedinejad wishes he were getting married so he could register for this too.

  4. A Le Creuset casserole dishSelf-explanatory. It’s a wedding.

Amanda and Kate

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