Happy GOP Primary Season, Everyone!

And so it begins:

  • According to a 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll, 2% of Iowa voters believe that Mitt Romney’s first name is actually “Mittens.”  My husband’s response to that information: “Aww, like a little cat?  That’s awesome.  He should change his name to Mittens for real! If did, I would definitely vote for him.”*
  • “Santorum surges in Iowa,” and other headlines that get funnier if you think about them for a second.
  • Will Wilkinson on Ron Paul:

“None of this is to say that right-fusionism of the Ron Paul variety isn’t now having an influence, or that none of it is good. […] But that doesn’t mean Paul’s decades of bilking paranoid bigots with bullshit prophesies of hyperinflationary race war was really a stroke of strategic genius after all. Or maybe it means it was. But that doesn’t make it right. I don’t think Paul would be where he is today without all those years of vile fear-mongering. And I don’t think anyone ought to get away with climbing up that evil ladder, kicking it away, then pretending he was born a thousand feet off the ground in the pure mountain air right there next to heaven. He knew what he was doing, chose to do it, and none of it can be justified by a little TV-time for salutary anti-imperialist and free-market ideas. I’d rather not be affiliated with a “movement” that includes him in even a conflicted way.”

* Because Romney seems willing to change more or less anything in exchange for a vote, I feel duty-bound to note here that Charlie is British, and so will not be casting a ballot in the presidential election regardless of how cute the candidates’ names become.

Amanda Taub


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