WTF Friday, 11/18/11

“It’s an intriguing idea that oil can be ethical depending on where it’s extracted.” Yes, how novel. I’ve never encountered any situation like this ever.

Astute observation by Jenée Desmond-Harris: “Seriously, does even the most racist person in this day and age care about the color of the person bringing them the bar food and blue beverages?”

“The Thawra and Tishreen newspapers, both mouthpieces of the government, criticized the decision [to ban Syria from the Arab League] and suggested the organization should be renamed the ‘American League.'” Oh, so the National League wins two in a row and all of a sudden that’s a zinger? They hadn’t won since like 1996 before that!

Chris Maggio


  1. Er… The last time the NL won "before that" was the Phillies in 2008. Before that were the Cardinals in 2006, the Marlins in 2003, the Diamondbacks in 2001, and the Marlins (with a bought team) in 1997.

    I call WTF on Intern Chris.

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