WTF Friday, 9/2/2011

Thanks to a reader from Denver for pointing out this fucked up and weird comic to us. Credit to commenter “Kaiser Dragon” not only for the Final Fantasy reference but also for noting the obvious point of this comic: “I like the part where they talk like stereotypical black people, cause they are from Africa and that makes it funnier.”

“Dude, check it out I’m in Libya revolutionizing in my throwback and shit.”

Now this is a strange one. Maybe well-intentioned? Still, nothing is ever gonna make me feel comfortable about seeing “asylum-seeker” and “game show” in the same sentence. Plus, how much an asylum-seeker knows about Dutch culture is pretty low on the list of reasons to allow them to stay in the Netherlands. And, as Joshua Keating points out, “You have to wonder about anyone who would actually enjoy watching this.” Also, that slow zoom on Geert Wilders in the video is probably the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen. That is all.

Chris Maggio


  1. Why am I thinking of Hunger Games after reading that last item?

    Also, if you're willing to go public as an asylum seeker, doesn't that nicely demonstrate that your claims were BS? So we'll end up with a ton of Dutch people who are pretty confident that their asylum process is spot on since the folks who get denied are happy to go on national television to discuss it all.

  2. I really don't think that show proved to anyone that the 'asylum process is spot on'. Those who get denied are shown to be educated and more 'Dutch' than most Dutch themselves.

    The shows website only states: "the asylum process is like a game show, before you know it, you're out". There's no other information, only comments of viewers. And they're all positive that this shows the harsh reality of a bad asylum process.

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