WTF Friday, 8/5/11

Some things never change. A Shinawatra is the prime minister of Thailand and apparently (at least in NYT-world) “plebeian” is still a word people use.

Robert Mugabe not exactly getting good publicity over the past week.

With a move to limit private television and radio, the Bolivian government will have just about “nothing left to take over,” according to political economist, Carlos Toranzo. You’d be surprised what they can nationalize nowadays…

Chris Maggio


  1. Also, wouldn't she be Ms. Shinawatra, not Ms. Yingluck (as the NYT refers to her)? Maybe I'm wrong but I thought Thais used the family name second – especially since her brother's second name is also Shinawatra.

  2. My favorite part was when the Thai political science lecturer said, "Particularly in Southeast Asian countries, male and female politicians often enter politics because of their family connections." Both male and female politicians do this? Wouldn't that just be 'politicians'?

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