WTF Friday, 8/19/11

Deja vu! Rachel Weisz playing a “gutsy truth seeker” in an upcoming film. When will she break this typecast and play a cowardly lie finder?

Hahaha “soft adventure.” This does sound lovely, though. And “exotic.” And “magical.” And you get to watch “minorities trade their goods.” Sick.

I think this is the only article on the Internet that refers to the DRC as the “African Congo.” Anyway I’m really looking forward to the match.

Chris Maggio


  1. When we saw that Rachel Weisz was acting as a truth revealing cop in Bosnia, we started joking with my husband, saying "Wait, didn't she die in Kenya trying to stop bad, bad, bad people ?"

  2. Well, it IS important to distinguish the DRC from the Asian Congo, after all. Oh wait…

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