In Which CBlatts Accuses Us of Not Being Bloggers Anymore

Last week our favorite mommy blogger, Chris Blattman, took a break from posting the latest in baby gifts and engagement shoots to designate us a successor.

To which we reply (one week later, because, you know, people have sh*t to do):  Just because sometimes people maybe don’t post as often as they’d like to doesn’t mean they’re not still serious about blogging.

But while we’re on the subject…

Personally, we’ve been enjoying Chris’s regular updates about nannies, travel with infants, and how to get a baby to stop crying by bouncing on a yoga ball with her.  However, for those of you who miss the days before he curtailed his aid blogging to focus on such worldly pursuits as fatherhood, we’ve found a successor!  A little-known New York Times columnist named Nicholas Kristof has been filing some really fascinating dispatches from the developing world.

So, next time you’re jonesing for some real AidBlatting, but a post about little Amara’s first regression just isn’t doing the trick, head on over to On the Ground. (Gee, we wonder what a mention there can do for an economist’s career?)

Amanda and Kate


  1. I am a never-before commenter, but this was so hilarious that I had to say: well done. I read Chris Blattman too and…oh, I laughed out loud.

  2. As a fellow slow poster, I'd like to concur that even if you only update once a month you're still a real blogger.

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