WTF Friday, 7/15/11

In non-coltan/Congo/rape related telephone news, South Sudan will have 211 as its international dialing code, which also happens to be police “hundred code” for robbery in the great state of California. (A tenuous connection, get it?).

Shout out to Thomas E. Ricks for shouting out the Karzai family restaurant in Baltimore (I’ve eaten there too!). Negative points for linking to this. The Wire + John Waters ≠ Baltimore, guys. I guess the Karzai family restaurant isn’t exactly a fantastic claim to fame, though…

Puns, cursing, and democracy. This one’s got it all!

Chris Maggio


  1. All of your abandoned photo dumps are amazing. I’ve been organizing a small midwest ghost-town/abandonment tour with friends, and I was wondering on how you hear about some of these buildings that have become abandoned in the last 50 years? I’ve been in the southwest suburbs of Chicago and still didn’t know about half that the buildings you took pictures of.

  2. Peccato che abbia aspettato più di una settimana per dire delle parole di solidarietà verso i giovani iraniani che stanno usando internet per sconfiggere un regime…

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