WTF Friday 6/24/11

Thanks to Nathan Yaffe of the Haiti Justice Alliance for this submission about a foolish and harmful USAID agricultural program in Haiti. “Monsanto’s seeds are treated with extremely dangerous chemicals…Because of this, Monsanto and Chemonics have a moral responsibility to educate farmers about health precautions. Yet they not only failed to do so, they even distributed seeds in unmarked bags – thus endangering people and the environment without their knowledge.” Good looking out, a-holes.

Sarah Palin bailed on her planned Sudan trip with Franklin Graham. Here’s what Franklin had to say: “She would be a very good person to help draw attention to the plight of the Christians in South Sudan,” Graham told The Post. “We’ve got George Clooney, we’ve got some Hollywood-type people. I’m very grateful for what Mr. Clooney has done. But we need everybody we can find.” That is everybody you can find? Well apparently he only found Christians with a plight in South Sudan so maybe this guy needs some LASEK.

In honor of the acquittal of Geert Wilder in his hate speech trial, here are some of his greatest hits!

Chris Maggio


  1. Did you read the other posts on the "Haiti Justice Alliance" blog? They are kind of extreme. I wouldn't give too much credence to this.

  2. @Rob: Elaborate on what seems extreme? US Government has been no friend of Haiti, and that's well-documented even by "mainstream" figures like Paul Farmer.

    Plus, the Haiti group seems to back up with links and well-reasoned arguments. I guess they don't really hide their perspective, but are there specific things that strike you as off-base?

  3. Yeah, I'd be interested to hear your rationale for the 'extreme' label as well.

    I think our perspective may seem extreme because we do two things that most media coverage of Haiti doesn't:

    1) Listen to Haitian voices first; and
    2) Provide context (historical and political) for current US actions in Haiti.

    Could you elaborate with some specifics?

  4. Because you insisted…

    The Haiti Justice Alliance blog presents a picture of the US government as deliberately scheming to keep Haiti poor which unfortunately characterizes a lot of online discussion about Haiti. Even a technical issue which you disagree on (chemical treatment of seeds) is presented as part of a conspiracy to "assault" Haitian agriculture.

    I'm as cynical as anyone else about the impact of USAID and the rest of the international community in Haiti, but I think incompetence and a lack of focus are more convincing explanations than a conspiracy to keep Haiti poor.

    Anyway, I don't think Wronging Rights is the place to discuss this. I only commented because this item seemed out of place with the normal tone and content of this blog.

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