WTF Friday, 5/27/2011

Can we please do away with the term “man crush”? Otherwise this article is gold. “In between discussions of tiger poaching, Ernest Hemingway and the fragility of human existence…avatar of manliness…You’re going to have to remind me who [Dmitry Medvedev] is…” Fucking gold, dude.

Some really insightful thoughts on North and South Sudanese relations from U.S. envoy, Princeton Lyman: “This is not a marriage made in heaven. The two may not kiss on the cheek but they do have to shake hands.” Ah, metaphors.
Hm. Re-ignition of protests against the female driving ban in Saudia Arabia occurs right around the same time as the re-ignition of a certain Summer blockbuster series. Will the history books cite the Arab Spring or Diesel Summer as inspiration?

Chris Maggio


  1. …Amused! 🙂 Keep it up.

    PS, totally counting on you guys to keep the snarkbrilliance up now that Aidwatch is done. No pressure or anything, y'know…

  2. Can we at least cut to the chase and swap in "crush (no homo!)" for "man crush"?

  3. By which I mean to say … that's what we mean by "man crush," right? "No homo!!"


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