WTF Friday, 5/20/2011

Save the date!

This dude is going HAM with his racism. He not only claims that black women are “objectively less physically attractive than other women,” but also that African countries are poor because African people have low IQs! Dr. Kanazawa, you are a prolific racist.

Kim Jong-un, in his first official trip outside North Korea, visited China, allegedly to strengthen economic ties and coordinate policy for inter-Korean nuclear talks. However, if he’s anything like his brother, I suspect he had other things on his mind.

Update: Forgot to give a hat tip to Julienne, a Wronging Rights loyalist, for the 2nd item. Thanks!

Chris Maggio


  1. I took a stats class from Kanazawa, and it's a pity that he's so quick to assign a simple causal arrow to his correlation. He was the only stats lecturer I've ever had (n=9) who could make the material funny and enjoyable. Charlie Sheen had his moments too, I guess.

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