WTF Friday 5/13/2011

Trying to summarize this article about Museveni’s inauguration in “my own words” gave me a headache. Here’s what I got: Some guests arrived later than Museveni by a few minutes, but that may (or may not) be protocol. The Kenyan government blamed “time zone differences.” Kinda feel like they should have that sorted out by now. Opposition candidate Kizza Besigye missed the event because he was either “having a ball,” or was denied at the airport by Kenya Airways, or that didn’t happen at all. The Ugandan military apparently looked similar to the Kenyan military. Hm. Museveni arrived in a Lexus, which supposedly exhibits his “preference for simplicity. Right. There’s other weird stuff in there too but this is getting too long.

“Who says you can’t go home?” –JBJ

Not sure how I feel about this. The last time Disney got together with Africa shit got hectic and they managed to stereotype people and animals at the same time!

Chris Maggio

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