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CNN reports today that ICC Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo is investigating the possibility that the Gaddafi regime is pursuing a policy of institutionalized rape against the Libyan rebels.  In the interview, Moreno-Ocampo cites disturbing reports that security forces are using male sexual enhancement drugs to enable the commission of rape.

In a quote sure to add Pfizer to the Chief Prosecutor’s ever-lengthening List O’ Nemeses, he observes: “Viagra is a tool of massive rape.”

Obviously, this is horrifying.  But it is also quite clearly the set-up for the funniest joke ever, if only I knew what it was.  I’m a little distracted at the moment (T minus 11 until wedding day, etc. etc.), so perhaps you guys can lend a hand.

Kate Cronin-Furman


  1. It's a tough life being an leader of international notoriety. You don't always have the energy to give your subjects the attention and pleasure/chastisement they deserve. That is why the "King of Kings" reccommends Viagra! Viagra … for all your mass rape needs.

  2. This is a request that you please remove this highly offensive post, (and the even more ignorant and obnoxious "comment" that has already been posted), immediately.

    It should not be necessary to explain that it is in extraordinary poor taste to encourage any attempt to make a "joke" out of mass rape – (a crime against humanity!) – being utilized as a weapon of war.

    This post is almost nauseating in terms of its willful ignorance and lack of understanding of, or sensitivity to, the victims of such crimes.

    As such it serves only to undermine the overall objectives of your blog. Please respect this request and remove this offensive and repugnant post as soon as possible. Thank you.

  3. Anonymous,

    We will certainly not take the post down. It in no way "undermine[s] the overall objectives of [our] blog" because this is an atrocity humor blog. Making jokes about awkward or offensive coverage of rape and crimes against humanity is pretty much what we do here.

    Your claim that this is somehow insensitive to victims suggests that you either didn't understand the post and/or are the sort of person who makes kneejerk accusations without bothering to think through what you're saying.

    If you feel that is unfair, by all means, please explain exactly what logic underlies your conclusion that rape and crimes against humanity are categorically unacceptable subjects of humor. But in any event, I will take this opportunity to reiterate a point that we've made many times before: Humans do appalling shit to each other and many of us who are regularly exposed to that fact use humor to cope.

    If that's not how you roll, you should find another blog to read.

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