Things That Make Us Say "Gah"

We know we probably shouldn’t read The Washington Times. It is, after all, characterized by barely-edited histrionic nonsense.

But sometimes people send us stuff, and sometimes we read that stuff, and that’s how we find ourselves here, reading an article titled “Congo a country of rape and ruin.” Sigh.

Let’s run down our checklist of must-haves for reportage from the Sucking Vortex, shall we?

  1. Article title referencing rape: check.
  2. Multiple instances of the word “impunity”: check.
  3. Discussion of husbands who repudiate raped wives: check.
  4. Interview with child victim of rape under the age of 10: check.
  5. Inclusion of photograph and full name of aforementioned child rape victim: check and check.

We didn’t think we’d have to go back over this, but seriously, publishing the name and photo of child victims of rape is not cool. Not cool according to journalistic ethics, and not cool according to child protection standards. Seriously, if this article were a person, it would be a dude with a mullet, a neck tattoo of the Confederate flag, and halitosis. Wearing a t-shirt that says “I don’t trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn’t die.” Crying into his Natty Ice. Not cool.

Anyhoodle, if you’re looking for something to read about rape in the Congo that will leave you feeling a little less murdery, we recommend Chuck Sudetic’s write-ups of the work of a mobile court in Kamituga over at the Open Society Foundation’s blog. Nuanced coverage of a complicated issue FTW!

Amanda and Kate


  1. a dude with a mullet, a neck tattoo of the Confederate flag, and halitosis.

    Which happens to be a good description of the author of the column "barely-edited histrionic nonsense" in the Washington Times.

  2. ok this writing is so awesomely funny. I can barely handle it.

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