WTF Friday 4/15/11

Dude wtf is a “sex ratio“? Don’t even try to pull that “trust me I’m a doctor” bull.

So Gbagbo got “got“. But why ruin a perfectly good dining room? At least they left the big screen in tact. Football season’s only like 5 months away!

Classic Kristof: “As for the argument that we’re inconsistent in our interventions: of course we’re inconsistent, but would you rather we consistently save no one?” You know what this one is about, but it’s the timelessness, the endless applicability of the statement that really gives it that Kristof shine. Furthermore, nothing beats a well placed “save”.

Chris Maggio


  1. "sex ratio" is the accepted demographic term for comparing the number of human males and human females.

    WHO has established 950 girls per 1000 boys as the normal biologic ratio.

    2011 India census 914 girls to 1000 boys

    2001 India census 927 girls to 1000 boys.

    2001 census showed no real difference between economic classes.

    A great deal of difference based on religion from the 2001 data subsets. 2011 subsets not out yet.

    2011 provisional population and sex ratio info here:

    India is killing its daughters. So are Georgia and Armenia, and China. Sex-selective abortion and Infanticide are very real and just not funny. But maybe if parents were told their sons would all be gay and never have sons of their own, the gendercide might stop.

  2. Is that really your solution? I mean if you're joking that's fine but it's kind of effed that you get to and I don't. Just saying!

  3. Yesh…it is sar.cas.m

    Then again, there are some days I start thinking "whatever it takes".

    If these numbers were applied to any other population group than one defined by sex and any other method of murder than abortion/infanticide ~ the majority of the world would be crying "Genocide!"

    But since the liberal sacred cow of abortion-as-family-planning is involved; the radio silence form "The West" is simply deafening.

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