Latest Indignity Heaped upon Afghan Women: Tacky Wedding Gowns

The catalogue of rights violations against women in Afghanistan is substantial:  Forced marriages, denial of the right to an education (including by appalling means such as arson and acid attacks), inadequate medical care, and domestic and sexual violence with limited recourse to law.

Add to the list that the government may now regulate what women can wear to their own weddings.  According to an article in the Guardian, under a proposed new law, monitoring committees would patrol weddings to ensure that brides are not dressed immodestly.  The provision is apparently an add-on to a bill attempting to regulate private spending on weddings.  It would also mandate that women not pay more than $100 on their dresses.

Ugly and cheap – just what every woman dreams of for her wedding gown.

(For those who may be thinking that, like last night’s geography mix-up from New York Magazine, this sounds too absurd to be true and must be an April Fools joke, I’ll just say “we can hope” and point you to the earlier coverage of the draft law…)

Kate Cronin-Furman

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