It’s Ten O’Clock. Do You Know Where Liberia Is?

We realize that New York Magazine isn’t really known for their foreign policy coverage, but this is still a spectacular fail:

“fighting continues to rage in Libya, thousands of Libyans have crossed the border into neighboring Liberia, a country fraught with its own troubles as it continues to recover from a decades-long civil war. Around 100,000 Libyan refugees have fled to the poor Western African nation. “It’s a serious threat to the stability of Liberia and, I might say, to the stability of all neighboring countries,” said Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in an interview. “There’s been a lot of investment for peace in this sub-region; we’re beginning to see the result of that investment,” she added. “If nothing is done to resolve the crisis, all of these efforts will be undermined.”

Adding to the troubles is the flow of Liberian mercenaries into the Ivory Coast. The mercenaries are fighting on behalf of the Ivory Coast’s entrenched leader Laurent Gbagbo— not recognized by the United Nations—as rebels in the north of the country battle for control. “According to what we hear, both sides are recruiting Liberian mercenaries,” said Harrison S. Karnwea Sr., Liberia’s interior minister. “When people have been used to living on violence, they have got no profession to earn their living on.” On Thursday, fighting had escalated in the Ivory Coast capital city of Abidjan where forces loyal to Gbagbo clashed with U.N. recognized president Alassane Quattara.”

We figure the article will have been pulled by the time you guys read this tomorrow morning, but here’s a screenshot:

Yeah, that border between Libya and Liberia has been an endless source of trouble…

(Oh, and just between us? It’s “Ouattara.” Not “Quattara.”)

Update, 4/1/11 9:30am: A corrected (sort of) version was posted late last night. Oddly, rather than just replacing the erroneous Libya references with Côte d’Ivoire, they’ve reorganized the article, which means it now begins with a confusing reference to “Liberia’s already mounting problems.”  Oh, and apparently no one got the memo that Abidjan is not the capital of Côte d’Ivoire and Ouattara is not named Quattara.

Amanda and Kate


  1. It was up for a couple hours last night, so not so much with the April Fool's joke, I'm afraid.

  2. Is it a serious newspaper? Do not let the trainee writing articles alone !!!

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