Today in Baby Lions

Some good news from Somalia, and bonus, it’s about lions!

Katharine Houreld of the AP reports today that Somali authorities, in an unusual show of state capacity, have rescued a pair of rare Berbera lion cubs from being trafficked abroad.  This is the first time animals have been confiscated from smugglers in Mogadishu.  Apparently, the port manager noticed the baby lions aboard a ship and reported their presence to an organization training AU peacekeepers, which is now housing the cubs and keeping them supplied with tasty goat snacks.  So: go Somali government.  Way to do a thing!

And, because it’s totally relevant, here are some lion cubs I saw last spring at the Bronx zoo (where you probably shouldn’t go until they track down that poisonous cobra).

Kate Cronin-Furman

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  1. In 1960 there were an estimated 200,000 free lions. The current estimate is 20,000. I hope your generatio figures out how to coexist with nature, or else lions will only survive in zoos, circuses and Texas where they are bred for sick people to shoot them off balconies.

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