WTF Friday, 1/7/11

With the South Sudan referendum fast-approaching, George Clooney’s “Not On Our Watch” is funding commercial sattelites to monitor possible conflict in the country. Clooney has described it as “the best use of his celebrity.” Kinda just seems like he’s trying to recruit a mercenary for Ocean’s Fourteen.

The Dominican Republic has again begun deporting illegal immigrants from Haiti after suspending this practice in the wake of last year’s earthquake. Alright, looks like everything’s back to normal.

Al Shabaab has arrested regional leaders for stealing $10,000 in aid intended for drought-affected areas. If they just kicked out the remaining aid agencies they wouldn’t have to worry about this kind of embarrassment…

Chris Maggio


  1. Looks like everything is back to normal except the cholera epidemic and the whole unrest about the election and lovely bits like that….

  2. I think the George Clooney initiative fits more in the WTF segment that stands for "Wow, that's fantastic!".

  3. Seems there's an important conversation to be had here about the role of publicly available satellite imagery to detect destruction or troop buildup when journalists can't access. And questions of evidentiary value for later human rights cases. But snark is fun too I guess.

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