WTF Friday, 12/3/2010

Mind boggling results in the Ivory Coast presidential election. Alassane Ouattara, the opposition, won the most votes, but Laurent Gbagbo, has been declared the winner due to voting irregularities. The AP found at least one man who has been driven absolutely batshit by the turn of events.

Wikileaks has outted Christopher Dell, former US ambassador to Zimbabwe, for talking trash about Morgan Tsvangirai. Apparently the Zimbabwean Prime Minister is “not open to advice and indecisive.” Wikileaks, making “if you don’t have anything nice to say…” more relevant than ever before.
The same website has reported that the Latin American unity summit ended with Hugo Chavez and Alvaro Uribe nearly coming to blows over a dispute about border trade with Raul Castro playing peacemaker. Evo Morales somehow resisted getting a few knees in.

Chris Maggio


  1. It's a bit more like Gbagbo has been declared the winner because he and his party refuse to lose. Not due to actual irregularities.

    Ah, La Cote d'Ivoire. Plus ca change . . .

  2. I thought Gbagbo was declared the winner because he has friends on whatever committee decided that…
    Also, didn't both presidents swear in today?

  3. Dang they did both swear themselves in! I might just swear myself in and see what happens. Couldn't hurt.

  4. History has a tendency of repeating itself.“In June 2008, then president Thabo Mbeki and ANC president Jacob Zuma wrote a joint article in City Press newspaper, claiming: “There is no Mbeki camp in the ANC. There is no Zuma camp in the ANC … Neither one of us represents any ANC faction. Neither one of us holds opposed policy positions. Neither one of us is involved in a struggle to build a personal support base in the ANC and the nation.” Business Day

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