WTF Friday, 12/10/2010

Sarah Palin will be visiting Haiti this weekend with the relief group “Samaritan’s Purse.” The name of this organization is equal parts brilliant and disturbing. I’m leaning towards disturbing as I doubt a Palin-affiliated charity would possess any more self-awareness than the woman herself.

Putin “slams” US for Assange arrest warrant in an effort to demand freedom of pr….nevermind it’s just to get them back for shit-talking Russia. False alarm.

And, from the “not an ‘Onion’ article” department, Mogadishu gets its “first tourist.”

Chris Maggio


  1. On the Mogadishu front, all I can say is… my God. Also, doesn't that make Palin's trip misery tourism, a little?

  2. Intern Chris, it's pretty clear that you don't speak evangelical. Samaritan's Purse is Franklin Graham (son of Billy)'s charity. They're the same people responsible for Operation Christmas Child – the collection and shipping of millions of shoeboxes filled with cheap trinkets as Christmas gifts that happens every November in evangelical churches around America.

  3. Yeah, Samaritan's Purse is huge. They just pulled off the NGO fundraising coup of the season with a Palin visit — now everyone in the evangelical world will be sending them money to do good and save heathen babies.

  4. If Sarah Palin spoke at a University, would you say it is a Palin-affiliated university?

    Like many NGOs, Samaritan's Purse wears two hats, one where they do ridiculous things like Operation Christmas Child and your with Sarah Palin (because sadly these are effective at raising money), and one where they hire professionals and try to improve the lives of the poor.

  5. Let me guess, bitter because you were once rejected to work within the NGO sector, "a bleeding heart goes rogue" now you feel it's your duty to reveil to the world your brilliant ramblings. You should really do your homework before posting. Well hey, on the bright side you could work for the media, they love to just talk without the facts.

    Honestly, what's the point of this blog?


  6. I have to say, Anon, you sound more bitter than me for I don't know what reason. I was really just saying I found the name of the organization humorous. Saying they are "Palin-affiliated" is inaccurate how? I didn't say she runs it, just that she's going to Haiti with them. Well anyway now that I've cleared that up, maybe you can (anonymously) make up another reason that I am allegedly bitter…

  7. So Haitian families, we are asking people NOT to send aid because we don like Sarah Palin.

    dang dude.

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