WTF Friday, 10/29/10

Serbia has increased the reward for capturing Ratko Mladic to $14 million! Who will find him?!?

Morgan Tsvangirai has threatened to sue Robert Mugabe over what he believes to be unconstitutional appointments. However, Section 31 (K) of the Zimbabwean Constitution may prevent such action: “Where the President is required or permitted by this Constitution or any other law to act on his own deliberate judgment, a court shall not in any case inquire into any of the following questions or matter.” Kind of feel like that section needs to be tweaked a little bit…

Meanwhile, Mugabe is busy giving $300,000 to the Zimbabwean man who came in 2nd in “Big Brother Africa.” The donation has been described as “compensation for depression.” Let’s hope the aforementioned lawsuit doesn’t infringe on President Mugabe’s ability to support such obviously worthwhile causes.

Chris Maggio

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