WTF Friday, 9/17/10

  • Something does not sound quite right about this: British-born Jessica Jordan, Miss Bolivia 2006, is now responsible for development in Beni, north-east Bolivia, including the allocation of $700m in development funds.

    Bolivian President Evo Morales met Jordan while she held the Miss Bolivia crown, and was apparently impressed by the political skill she had demonstrated by parading around in a nude body-stocking, draped in plastic vines. Mr. Morales “encouraged her” to stand for governor in Beni, and then appointed her Director of Development for the region after she lost the election.

    In response to critics who claim she lacks the proper experience and background for the position, Jordan said “Sometimes there is discrimination only because you’re young and you’re a woman. The President is a huge example of this.” Right, because misogyny and age discrimination are really what’s holding Evo Morales back.

  • The Lao Brewing Company has made a contribution to the Ministry of Education in Laos for both school supplies and scholarships for children in poor districts. It’s good that the kids will learn early on that “alcohol” and “education” go together like “cigarettes” and “looking cool.”
  • This is “gotcha” journalism at its best. If Eddie Murphy makes a film, you better damn well be aware of its cultural legacy before invoking his character, or you’re gonna get got.

Chris Maggio

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