WTF Friday, 9/10/10

Maybe some of you have read this NYT article about the eduction gap in Brazil? Did this person have to be so mean about it: “‘We should be ashamed of ourselves,’ said Ilona Becskeházy, executive director of the Lemann Foundation, an organization based in São Paulo devoted to improving Brazilian education. ‘This means that 15-year-olds in Brazil are mastering more or less the same skills as 9-year-olds or 10-year-olds in countries such as Denmark or Finland.'” Is being behind Finland and Denmark really that shameful? I’m sure I could name a world power or two in that same position…

It appears that the ANC is attempting to put through two bills that seem to amount to censorship. Writers who were censored under Apartheid have drafted a letter stating “We are threatened again, now with a gag over the word processor.” I kind of just use Google Documents nowadays but I think I think I get the drift.

Is the torch being passed in North Korea? Maybe we should get used to this. He’s also apparently a big Jean-Claude Van Damme fan so the people of North Korea might need to get used to stuff like this.

Did Fidel Castro accidentally buy a ticket for the Straight Talk Express?

Chris Maggio

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