WTF Friday, 7/23/2010

  • Speaking of terrorist groups, Mother Jones points out that Hamas has not only paid for the right to be considered an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau, but has received an “excellent rating.” Now, if this were based on their ability to terrorize, that would be one thing, but they are listed as a group “providing educational services to troubled youth.” This doesn’t even pass as a euphemism. Smh…
  • Thanks to Joshua for turning our attention to this great headline. In Joshua’s words, “So…either they meant to beat the official and missed or they just meant to give his wife flowers and ended up beating her?”

1. “Resentment and anger are bad for your blood pressure and your digestion”

2. “[Mugabe’s] almost a caricature of all the things people think black African leaders do. He seems to be wanting to make a cartoon of himself”

3. “One time I was in San Francisco when a lady rushed up, very warmly greeted me, and said, ‘Hello Archbishop Mandela.’ Sort of getting two for the price of one”

4. “His [Nelson Mandela’s] sartorial taste is the pits!”

5. “A kid asked me a few years ago, ‘What do you do to get the [Nobel Peace Prize]?’ I said, “It’s very easy, you just need three things – you must have an easy name, like Tutu for example, you must have a large nose and you must have sexy legs.”

Chris Maggio


  1. I don't know if you're just being funny or if you truly don't know, but actually Hamas has a very large social welfare branch. It is one reason why it has support from a large amount of Palestinian people– because it provides social services.

    Read the wikipedia article:
    "An estimated 80-90% of Hamas revenues fund health, social welfare, religious, cultural, and educational services."

  2. Fair enough. The joke is really about the Better Business Bureau, and how if you went only by their assessment, you would miss some important information about Hamas. Like, ya know, the suicide bombings. It's really less about Hamas and more about the BBB.

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