WTF Friday, 5/21/10

  • More drama in the Campbell-Taylor-Farrow saga. Naomi Campbell may be subpoenaed to testify at Charles Taylor’s trial as she allegedly received a diamond from him. This story basically seems true unless Mia Farrow, who says Campbell told her about the diamond and is willing to testify, is completely making it up. The more I write about this the more it feels like a weird dream.

*Correction. The couple is actually a male and a transgender woman. Thanks to tinarussell for directing me to this article. Sorry for the mistake and for taking so long to correct it. I will try to do better next time.

Chris Maggio


  1. In comments to the press, Mikhail stated that he was "really hungry" and "didn't feel like going all the way, and, you know, starving to death."

  2. Who would blame him?!? Just pointing out that he "boy who cried wolf'd" it.

  3. On the Malawian couple: one of them is a transgender woman. She lived, presented, and identified as a woman, and was accepted in her community as such.

    Sentencing a couple to 14 years’ hard labor for getting married is just as horrific and cruel no matter to whom it’s done, to be sure. But, as a transsexual, it hurts when my community is ignored so much that even human rights violations against us are reported in an ignorant and insulting manner. (Even international gay and lesbian organizations are getting this wrong, which makes my blood boil.) We can all do better.

    (Long way of saying: please, please correct this post! Thank you!)

  4. To Tina, thanks for your link & I will check it out. I am not part of your community but as a member of a human rights org, I want to make sure to bring this up at a meeting next week.

    But I've seen nothing that she was accepted as such, not really, by her community. From what I've read (I claim no special knowledge at all), her family is upset but claims that she's bewitched & will eventually have to change. This is a fairly common reaction for families in many countries.

    I do sympathize with your wish the full story. I just wouldn't hold out her community as an isolated group of enlightened beings. They understandably do not want someone they love (but do not accept her identification) to be harmed.

    I hope all the press the case has received will somehow enable them to leave Malawi…I cannot imagine they could live there & remain alive, even if allowed to go free.

  5. The source is here, in the New York Times. Wall-bangingly, the NYT _still_ refers to her as male, and as gay, even after statements like “I have male genitals, but inside I am a complete woman.” (The article continues to say that she menstruates occasionally, which “some experts” say may be real or may be the “imagined claim of a gay man in a repressed society”; I wanted to bash someone’s head in when I read that particularly odious use of weasel words to deny someone’s identity.)

    What I meant by accepted by the community is that I’d read (including in that article) that people in the village thought she was a little strange, but liked her. You’re right that it’s not the same as acceptance; I should have looked a little more carefully. (And, you’re right about her family trying to “cure” her.)

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