WTF Friday, 12/4

From the desk of Intern Chris (who feels appropriately guilty about abandoning you all for the holiday last Friday):

  • Missed covering the Philippines Massacre while on holiday. Massacres pretty much always deserve a “wtf,” even if it’s retro. Also, first charges are against the mayor.
  • I remembered this dude Sheriff Joe Arpaio (self-proclaimed “America’s Toughest Sheriff”) from an episode of “Penn and Teller: Bullshit!” where he tried to convince people how good the War on Drugs is and that marijuana users should be doing hard time. Now he just forced a woman to give birth while shackled to a hospital bed and refused to let her hold the baby. Nice. Tough but fair.
  • Former Sri Lankan general who may have committed war crimes may run for president which may turn out bad for certain people in that particular country. No promises.
  • Kim Jong Il changes the currency, gives people less than a week to make exchanges, and sets a (low) limit on the amount they can exchange. Maybe the worst economic policy I have ever heard.

Kate Cronin-Furman

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