Everybody Celebrates Human Rights Day in Their Own Way, I Guess

Intrepid Roving Girl Correspondent and UVA student (and my sister) Emily forwards this photo:

I had no idea being aborted at UVA hospital qualifies one for automatic admission to the university’s undergraduate college.

Anyway, happy (belated) Human Rights Day and a merry 61st anniversary of the Genocide Convention (adopted December 9, opened for signature December 11) to you all.

Oh, and Happy Hannukah too.

Kate Cronin-Furman


  1. You haven't heard of UVA's radical open admissions policy? I fully support the university's effort to counter non-fetus bias in higher education.

  2. Hey, I think Manda and I were born in that hospital! Man, how come nobody told us about the guaranteed admission policy for all fetuses who pass through its halls? I wonder if I can still take in some grad school.

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