"A selfish desire for equality": Israeli Police Arrest Woman For Wearing a Tallit and Reading From the Torah at the Western Wall

This shit makes me glad to have Birthright Virginia, not just Birthright Israel. From Haaretz:

“Police on Wednesday arrested a woman who was praying at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, due to the fact that she was wrapped in a prayer shawl (tallit).

The woman was visiting the site with the religious women’s group “Women of the Wall” to take part in the monthly Rosh Hodesh prayer.

Police said they arrested the woman in the wake of a High Court ruling, which states that the public visiting the Western Wall is obligated to dress in accordance with the site’s dress code.”

According to Israel’s conservative rabbis, the real problem here is that uppity women don’t know their place.

“Last week Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the Shas party’s spiritual leader, said during his weekly sermon that the women in the feminist movement are “stupid” and act the way they do out of a selfish desire for equality, not “for heavens’ sake.”

Rabbi Ovadia also said about the groups’ custom to pray at the Western Wall that “there are stupid women who come to the Western Wall, put on a tallit (prayer shawl), and pray,” and added that they should be condemned.”

Gee, aren’t the Jews lucky to have their own state? I don’t know about you, but as a woman who has more than once wrapped myself in a prayer shawl and read from the Torah in public, without getting even a little bit arrested for it, I sure am reassured to know that the Land of Israel is there to protect us Chosen People if the going should get rough.

Or maybe that’s just my “selfish desire for equality” speaking.

hat tip: Goldblog.

Amanda Taub

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