Soylent Green is People, But the NY Times Thinks that the Jury is Still Out on Iraqis

When I checked the New York Times online this morning, the main story on the front page* was “Baby Rescued From Wreckage of Car Bombing in Iraq.” It featured a photograph of a woman holding a baby on her lap, and the following lede:

“The rescue of a baby from the wreckage of a bombing that killed eight seemed to be proof that Iraqis were still capable of extraordinary acts of humanity.”

I think my favorite part is the “seemed to be” qualifier. Just to let us know that it could be a false alarm -Iraqis might not actually be capable of extraordinary acts of humanity.

*(If the home page has changed by the time you read this, the line is in the fourth paragraph of the story itself.)

Amanda Taub

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  1. Well, that’s horrifying.

    They’ve since rewritten the article, it seems… it now says: “Their actions seemed to be proof that six years of numbing violence haven’t dulled Iraqis’ capacity for extraordinary acts of humanity.”

    Which is slightly better, but still pretty ridiculous.

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